Action Collection

The most effective of the ARR collection services. This service employs computer-generated notices (in keeping with federal requirements) and is administered by collection account specialists. This system has produced record-breaking results. Collectors are FDCPA certified and maintain positive public image for our clients.


Pre-Collection is an effective, inexpensive way that we initially stimulate payments. This technique is recommended after 60-90 days post delinquency. After 30 days in our Pre-Collection process, accounts will filter into our Action Collection service.

Second Placement

Focuses on accounts that remain unpaid after having been placed with other collection agencies. Our second placement system has been very successful in resolving accounts and collecting the revenue other collection agencies missed.

Early Out

Complete processing and payment management of monthly statements after third party payment for hospitals and large clinics.

Insurance Specialist Division

We offer our clients insurance specialists to facilitate your unresolved insurance claims. For many medical providers, resolution of insurance claims can become a difficult, overwhelming problem. Action Revenue Recovery is ready to collect your unpaid claims and allow you to focus on the care of your patients.